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This website is devoted to bringing you information about the traffic laws in the State of New Jersey. Here you can find information about tickets, fines, points, surcharges, and more.

Does every ticket go on my driving record?

No. In most cases, parking violations and most equipment violations do not go on your driving record. Most moving violations do go on your record.

Does every ticket have an effect on my insurance rates?

No. It depends on your insurance company and your particular policy, but most insurance companies will not care about parking violations or equipment violations. Most are concerned with moving violations and the number of points they carry more than anything. Give your insurance company a call to find out what their policy is.

How does the point system work?

Rather than explain the whole thing here, simply read the MVC's explanation.

How do I contest the ticket (enter a not guilty plea)?

You must appear in Court. The date and time you must appear are listed near the bottom of the ticket. If you can't find your ticket or can't read your court date, you must call the court to find out. Most courts require that you call in advance anyway to let them know that you plan to plead not guilty.

What happens if I don't show up for court? 

If you receive a traffic ticket, you must either pay the fine by the court date on the bottom of the ticket (if you are eligible to do so), or appear in court on that date. These are your only two options!! If you forget about the ticket or simply ignore the court date, the judge will hold you in contempt and issue a warrant for your arrest! He will also suspend you driver's license! There are very, very few instances when this does not happen, so don't risk it. If an arrest warrant is issued, you have to post bail for the warrant or sit in jail until the next session of the issuing court.

Think of this scenario: You are driving through Podunk, NJ in the middle of nowhere. You get a ticket and don't have the money to pay it right away. The court date passes. The cops show up at your house and arrest you (Yes, this does happen! No kidding!). You now have an arrest record. You didn't have the money for your $150 fine, so you definitely don't have the money for your bail, which is now $650. What happens? They transport you back to Podunk and lodge you in the Podunk County Jail. Yes, the same county jail that all the real criminals are lodged in.

Since Podunk is such a small town, they only hold Court every two weeks. And since you just missed it, you now have to sit in jail for almost two weeks, until the next court date. When the court date comes, you are transported to court in the back of a patrol car by a police officer. You must appear before the judge in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit to explain why you failed to appear in court and how you plan to pay your fine. Hopefully he lets you out or reduces your bail, but he might not! Even if he does, your license will still be suspended! Moral of the story- never, ever, fail to appear in court. It's not worth it.

What if I can't pay my fines on time?

Ask the judge or the court clerk if you can set up a time payment plan. Explain the circumstances to them. In most cases, they will be more than happy to accomodate you with a reasonable payment schedule.

If you simply don't pay them or stop making your time payments, you will be held in contempt and a warrant will be issued for your arrest! As we discussed above, this is not a very attractive option.