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This website is devoted to bringing you information about the traffic laws in the State of New Jersey. Here you can find information about tickets, fines, points, surcharges, and more.

Beat your traffic ticket!

Folks, this is real life. Despite what you may read on the internet, there is no "secret" to beating a traffic ticket. It might not be what you wanted to hear, but it's true. Beating a ticket involves a lot of hard work. The best way for you to defend yourself from any charge is to be well informed. That's what this site will help you become.

As I said, there's no "magic" way to beat a ticket. If that's what you're looking for, there are a million and one web sites that will scam you forty bucks for a e-book full of impractical defenses. But, I can save you some coin and tell you which defenses will, in all probability, not work.

You may have heard some of these defenses:

You probably have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice than of any of these defenses working. Judges have heard it all... trying these crazy excuses is a waste of his time and yours, so don't bother. If you try them, he may be even more inclined to increase your fine!

Instead, educate yourself about what the law is and think honestly about whether or not you are guilty of having violated it. Do you really have ample evidence to show that you, in fact, did not commit the offense? Police officers and prosecutors are generally very well prepared to prove thier case in court. It's their job; it's what they've been trained to do. In most cases, being polite to the officer and the prosecutor will help you secure the best plea agreement possible. Sometimes it's worth it to take the plea rather than try your luck with an "excuse." Weigh the evidence in your favor vs. the evidence against you, then make an informed decision on how to proceed.